Journal 4

Bearze’s Cottage

Awakened by little doggie toenails
click-clacking on the wooden floor
and the warm sunlight
spilling across my covers

I can hear the chit chat
and the occasional booming laugh
echoing up the stairs
before I’m fully concious

Several blankets have been
tucked over me in the night
They smell like Jergen’s lotion
and the cedar chest

And just as I’m contemplating
exposing my toes to the freezing air
I hear the stairs creak
and my door sweep open

A scruffy bearded forehead kiss
awakens my senses
as my father whispers
“good morning, sweetheart”

I smile and open my eyes
to a steaming cup of coffee
topped with a mountain
of crisp white foam

And I’m home

2 Responses to “Journal 4”

  1. dlamber2 Says:

    I love this poem so much– every part of it is so real and image/sense-invoking, it’s so relateable.
    I especially love the parts, “they smell like Jergen’s lotion,/and the cedar chest” because they are such specific smells, and it catches the reader’s attention and causes them to imagine the smell, even if they don’t have that in their memory. It also gives a very home-y and slightly antiquated feel.
    I must say, I’ve very jealous that you have a dad that brings you coffee in bed… That’s awesome.
    I also love the line “awakened by little doggie toenails,” because this sound means so much to me as well, and it’s not cliche.

  2. dlamber2 Says:

    I forgot to say that the title and the last line conflict in my mind, because the title makes it seem like you’re at a relative’s cottage or vacation cabin or something, but the last line clearly states that this is you’re home. These are just conflicting concepts of unhomeliness and homeliness that don’t work together.
    Other than that, great poem, I love it!

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